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Why Bamboo?

So what makes bamboo the perfect material for children?

January 29, 2010

We answer one of our most frequently asked questions.
Lightweight | Magic spoons, as light as a feather
For adults, a spoon or plate is what we would call “light.” Yet, for little ones, they can be anything but and are a source of stress for many children. Truth be told, parents can find them equally as stressful. There must be plenty of moms and dads whose tremble just thinking about whether their tot will or will not dash their tableware to pieces on the floor. For all its lightness though, bamboo is surprisingly heavy-duty as well. Its overall strength places it in a class of its own and its tensile strength is reportedly on par with that of steel. Indeed, in Hong Kong, bamboo is used as a substitute for steel in construction scaffolding.

  • 竹の強度比較
Kills bacteria | Safe and sound, antibacterial efficacy
Bamboo possesses excellent antibacterial properties. The beneficial effects of wrapping rice balls in bamboo leaves have been popular knowledge in Japan since ancient times. It is the perfect material to use for younger children, who are a world apart from their adult counterparts in physical size and strength. The material is also most sought after for its sanitizing capabilities in hospitals and medical clinics. What is more, with bamboo able to reach full maturity in just three years, the more people use this economical, magical material, the more beautiful our Earth will grow.
  • 竹の抗菌試験
Taste |Material that won’t ruin the taste.
A person’s appreciation for good food begins from childhood but contemporary family dinner tables are in fact full of artificially processed foods. That is why, in France, elementary schools are now offering dietary education to children to develop their sense of taste. It is important to for a child to develop their palette based on natural tastes and on subtleties of flavor and temperature. With a bamboo spoon to feed them every mouthful, that is precisely what they will come to savor.
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